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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
9:18 am
Thoughts for January....well...it's been a quiet beginning of the year I actually had time to spend time on research the last few weeks, apart from the post-christmas/new-yer party that was arranged.

now that....that brought back memory. was so wack, and messed up, and happy and.....and prontera parishis.

though it also made me abit nostalig which is why I'm on the ship to Lou-yang right now and should be arriving there any moment now.

that reminded me, seems like that now even Yuuji have been lost sight off, not sure to where, or how, or when.....but atleast no body have turned up...just like with Danae. guess no rest for me for quiet some time, neh?

also I wrote quiet beginning....it looks lke things are actually starting to heat up again, a few days ago I was visiting alaylle to see how she was doing and I ended up finding that she appearently had become an godling or goddes.... though somehow still herself, infact she had started up classes in the tower again....so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to keep her power incognito for quiet some time.

anyway, gotta end now..the ship just arrived in Lou-yang

Elmikie closed his journal and headed to Lou-yang, tired, abit sluggish, as he pulled all the costums and rituals for what he was there to do, forth from his mind.

"greeting Elder Elmikie"

"Ni-hao Sifu Wong.....and no need to call me elder...you're actually older thne me"

"heh...in age perhaps,but in experience, then you live more life in a week, then I do in a month, attending to the temple...Elder Elmikie. so what bring the subtle dragon to our temple?"

Elmikie chukled abit and shook his head "not business today Wong, not business....I'm abit late for the lunar new-year...but better late then never to pay my prober respect to the ones who came before us, neh?"

The elder smiled back, with a hint of empathy, compassion and worry "you'll be okay too this time, right?"

"don't worry, don't worry...I've done this before" Elmikie was allready heading to an altar, his hands in his bag to search for incense stick as he replied.

"yes, but you spend longer and longer time, each time" The old priest, brought a bundle of incense stick and placed them next to Elmikie, as if to punctuate his sentence. "there's a reason must people don't do this alone"

"not that I don't appreciated it Sifu Wong, but really....I'll be okay...and at worst...then sometime a bout of wistfull nostalgia does a guy good"
The Elder just shrugged and turned around "as you wish Elder Elmikie, as you wish......Just remember to also have people take care of you some time"

"I know, I know...Ashalyn would tell me the same thing"
and with that, He kneeled infront of the table, as costum prescriped, then lightned a incense stick. "the first one is for you Ashalyn"
A large bundle of sticks was ready next to Elmikie...it was going to be a long day.

((ooc explination of the costum: in some eastern country, then it's costumary the one pays respect and tribute to ones ancestor and those who have passed away during the lunar new-year. ))

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
12:07 pm
looks like december really as an busy month as usual, first, I assisted Alaylle on fixing the steel factory in Einbroch a last month, where I joined her when she went down to the mine in Einbech to gather raw material.
was an fairly simple assigment, thought it looks like that it's only temporarely and that the factory can break down again any moment.
darnnit....I really should write more often....forgetting half of what I wanted to write.

guess might as well jump ahead to a few days later, where I asked Sake to join me on a small mission to break up an group in Payon that have been planning to stop the steel production of Einbroch.
We entered the building under the cover of the night through an chimney that lead straight to thier basement.
When we arrived, Sake started to make forgery of thier documents, that would make the organisation practically impossible to run for months, if ever. it went pretty smoothly, especially considering that this was Sakes first time, though she still needs to learn how to clear her mind and not act too panicly.....an spell by her directd at me when I returned from my round, alarmed the guards, which forced us to bail out quikly.

how ever, she seems to have plenty of potential, I'll say it's just an matter of experience, before she'll be one hack of an capable field agent, I just have to be carefull not losing her on an too dangerous mission....she is my secretary first and foremust.

some weeks with nothing happening appeared, then Alaylles unusual background popped up again. I was on my way to the guild cantine where it had turned out that she had been making the dinner this time ( and it's one hot chili she makes) suddenly, while we where eating she started to float and somehow attained some kind of alternative aspect, almust as if an divine spirit had entered and changed her.....though it seemed more like pure mana affecting her.
Didn't kenw what I could do, apart form just keep trying to hold on to her, though in the end, she just seemed like her usual cheerfull self.... and I can't even give my whole focus on that.

cause earlier this month, when visiting Lou yang on an diplomatic trip and to check up on an report that Yuuji was there, and sure enough I ran into him, hair colour was different, and he seemed to had lost his memory, but the face and gestures was definately Yuujis. he refered to himself as an god, while I had an casual talk with him, trying to figure out as much as possible, without being obvius that I'm trying so.
unfurtunately I had to go without really figuring out anything, but atleast now I know where to find him.

he wasn't the last long time no see for me though, later I ran into sir Greth in Al de Baren, seemed like he had recovered and had been treated for his wounds by an resident in Lutie. I couldn't stay for long and talk with him though, but I did manage to track down where he's staying.

when I arrived.....I couldn't make my self entering the house though....through the window I saw....bliss. Him together with the girl who had been treating him.....the happiness that he had been deserving, and which had been long overdue. I guess I figured it's like Ryu Kisargi......it's time to leave him be, and let him live an normal happy life, allow him to atlast be the one whoes happiness is protected and sacrifices for and not reversed.
so I couldn't enter, atleast not as the meddler....perhaps later, when I'm less busy, i'll come visiting as an friend.

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Monday, November 7th, 2005
2:17 pm
looks like fate got plans with Alaylle, and being messed up enough to try to drag me into it.
not sure why...but there's been two incidents so far, where it seems like I've seen her before, despite it being the first time I've seen her doing it...first was when she opened the gate to Geffenia and a light started to surrond her...the 2.nd time was during the trip to einbroch where we waded through a pond, and I saw her standing in the water.

Both time reminded me of an hazy memory or a dream I had with her in it......I just hope it's that....or perhaps just her making me notice these things...and not some kind of trouble brewing.
just want her to have an normal happiness...like how she was at the halloween party....or when I see her spending time in class...... far away from everything I'm messing with.

apropos that.....during the trip to Einbech and Einbroch, I was told that somehow, Serynas spirit had entered Ervalis body, and possible reversed too....I've asked Seryna to come to the tower so that i can run some checks on Ervalis body. hopefully it's an easerly reverseable mix-up
I also took the chance to investigate an enviromentalist roup that have turned to extreme measure to stops Einbroch pollution....
granted....Einbrochs effect on the country sides massive and extensive...but the continent needs an production of that sice and too manys livehood are based on the work that Einbrochs steel production gives.
looks like I'll have to figure a way to stop them, before they get the resources to carry out thier plan.

the trip it self was nice though....I meet several new people, plus an talking cat who I unfortunately didn't had the time to talk more with.
did plenty of explorations too and visited several countryside buildings and facility.....hopefully I'll have time to return and give them an closer look, another day.

on other note.....I think I've managed to find out the where abouts of Amakos companion...he have appearently joined an traveling circus as an blade performer and doing well too.

perhaps I should rig things to have Amako win an ticket to the circus next time it pass by her and have them meet that way?
would make for a nice story.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
10:41 am
too long since the last update...but kinda needed some time to think about what happened since last entry..
well....birthday...was nice, lots of zanyness and insanity as usual, though some of the staff couldn't make it due to work. and the cake was actually not alive this time!
the aftermath was abit more.....confusing in lack of better words.
appearently, the floor, in the room where we held the party could't hold to all the festivities and when I woke up to head out, it broke under me and had me landing in the library next to Alaylle.
needless to say, it startled her abit, and afterward she surprised my by performing a spell to repair the hole, while I explained about the party.
She seemed abit down about missing out and not knowing though, so I figured I could cheer her up by spending some time with her and sharing the birthday cake in the towers greenhouse.
nice and calm talking...nothing more....untill she suddenly asked me if...well..it seems kinda silly that I reacted to strongly to what she asked, now that I write it down. but she asked me if I would like to go out some time, and it ended up panicking me, where I tried totell her that she should find somebody else and so on and she somehow rebuffed every single argument I had......couldn't help feeling guilty for acting like that toward her, but when she had to leave some time after, she just smiled at me before disappearing off.

the subject wasn't brought up afterward........and I somehow managed to keep my composor when I dropped by to help her with an quest she had recieved by archeologist named Metz and she seems to be her usual self.....but I can't help but expecting that it won't be an one-time thing.
don't know.....she's a nice girl and all...but....

anyway, I also ran into a small gathering in Sylvestra the other day, and amounth the people there, I ran into Yetika of all people...appearently she had been staying in a hut by kokomo beach and training there....and Ladon himself's appearently babysitting her child. there's something amusing about that thought.
I also met an merchant by the name Venice, and who was a member of Sanguinos Apollon, the very same guild that Alexial Storm was in...but when I asked her, it turned out that she didn't had any news about Alexial that was any newer then my own. Aren't many clues left for me to go after....perhaps I should try to find Komorek..he's been sigthed here and there.
Sake also appeared toward the end, she had heard I was in the castle and had rushed to there to give me an belated birthday present...turned out to be a wizard hat! she felt abit bad about being late though, but luckely it didn't last too long....just wanted her to enjoy being with everybody.
everybody had to call it a day eventually though, and my self, I had to run off, to oversee the releasements of pest and vermins on a field that provides one of the main incredients for one of the more addective drugs out there. a few more years of cutting away thier source of income like this, and thier influence should dwindly considereable.

then Halloween season came, with its usual dark merriment, and Jack, the Pumpkin King himself have joined the festivities.....which reminds me, the guilds own halloween party is about to start... last chance to enjoy it, before the season's over.

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Monday, October 17th, 2005
7:05 pm
well..the staff have thrown together a birthday party for me today, so I better make it short.

not much have been happening lately...which have giving me time to do alot of training.

a few things of note have though.

1: I was down in the deepest level of Payon, assisting a monk in gathering nine-tails, when suddenly the fox demon known as the Moonlight flower appeared.... couldn't let it run lose, so me and the monk decided to take it on...how ever, after several minuts of figtihing the demon managed to exhaust the monks strenght..luckely the church assigned people to help me out...first Pastel, then when it turned out her strenght didn't proved sufficiently the church sent Terri, and with her help, the demon was finally banished, if only for a time.

2: there have been reports of more attack from chesspieces like devices seemingly at random...so far no pattern have been descerned though....luckely the damage's minimal.

3: the notes the Kirin left behind in the secret room have been partially deciphered.....right now it seems like only a matter of time, before we can find out just what the hack he left behind for the guild

4: Yuuji have appearently been sigthed in Lou-yang.... not sure how much truth there is to it, but it's definately something worth checking out..... there's soemthing bothering about the fact that any sigthing and romour of Yuuji and Danae seems to never have both of them together though.

anywya...that's it for now...can't be late for my own 29 birthday.

((ooc: ack...accidently putted this under private))

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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
11:35 am

Well...I guess the meeting with the Hen'you went fine, managed to pay her though I fear I might had brought her some trouble with the assasin guild, due to the way I threw her off-guard and make her break her cover with my manners.
Ended up having to pull of a small stunt and provoke a reaction out of her that I could use and twist to her benifit...luckely she decided to threat me, so played along with that and gave her the information of Sir Merol and more specifically the details of the weapon he have aquired... if anything, then the Assasin guild won't do worse then they allready do with a tool.....just be easier for them to do what they allready do.

I couldn't help but wondering abit over the mood or face expression that came over her at times though, seemed like she was abit...unwilling.

I'll have to put that on low priority though and check up on her later instead..... my latest source says she might had run off somewhere though...... perhaps I should try to comfirm that by asking to hihre her specifically, next time I drop by

Anyway...a few weeks ago I meet up with Alaylle and was allowed by her to take her out for some field testing of her abilities with Kairi as back-up...gave her some jevelry to measure any energy fluxation in her, then headed off all over rune-midgard.....the trip brought us all the way from the Magma caves on Elmuth platue, to Umbala, where we descended down to nifflehiem, where I also got the chance to show Alaylle the inside of the yggdrasill tree that her mother have been researching.

the results when we where done was....interesting to say the least.....she could practically reproduce any effect that a priest could do, through the manipulation of arcane energy, but it seemed like it drained her alot more then any other kind of spell-casting. and involved the use of combining several different elements, including a few so far unidentifiable, to do even the must simple of magic.

much in the same way the catalysing energy through a focus to be able to heal in the same way an acolyte does it drains one more then it would drain an acolyte....looks like she have some how found a technique to do it without using a focus though.

which I fear are going to get her in trouble, and allready have...Trisam, a mage in Geffen, some how managed to catch wind of Alaylle a few days after the field test, which left me busy countering any moves he would make, before heading over to her house and pulling away to the pronteran library so that I could fill her in on the situation.

turns out that she was used to such things happpening though and assured me that she could handle what ever would come her way. but she atleast agreed to wear a ring that would allow me to track her down.

And right as things couldn't go worse, something suddenly started happening to her.....she later descriped it as a mana seizure....in short her whole body suddenly had an overload of a specific kind of element, in this case water....caught me off-guard at first, then ended up trying to drain as much as possible away from her, even as her body turned watery.

then as suddenly as it happened, it stopped again, leaving me exhausted and, now that all the adrinaling and urgency was over....tired, so got invited over to stay at her house.

It was really nice, being able to stay over at a friends house like that and sleep quietly for a night...even if I did end up in an ackward situation once (note to self, the green-house is down stair in the basement) and managed to set fire to my cloak while making tea for the two of us for breakfeast.

Afterward I figured I could repay the kindness and invited her over to visit the tower....with the regulare insanity that follows, she was quiet exited about seeing everything though, and even stumbled over a secret room that Kirin had buildt into the tower without telling me. (now if only some of the students would had been so kind not to yell encouragements in my direction)

was nice...just relaxing that way, but shortly after we reached the cantine, ske talked to me about possible enrolling into the Vezrejai first, and then seemed abit ackward and told me that there was something she needed to tell me.

Went to my room to get some privacy, where she revealed first an pendant...associated with demon lords, and then showed me how it appearently had affected her.... as if her arcane ability alone wasn't enough reason to get her in trouble with the church...and now this too?

I guess for now I'll have to brush up on my knowledge and see what references I can find out about the pendant....perhaps try to see if I can atleast on papir have Aalylle a part of the vezrejai and keep her safer that way.... was generally a nice day though

I had to leave her shortly after I had assured that her secret was okay with me though...an delgation from Einbruch had arrived to discuss busness with me....luckely she seems to be used to deal with it though.

the meeting with the Einbroch delegation went well atleast....I think we'll be able to work out a mining deal.

on other news..More clues have turned up regarding Captain Caryltis...there was an expedition down to nifflehiem some days ago, and from what have been told, then Caryltis might not be what even he believes himself to be.....but going to westle with the church and one of the big families in prontera for more information I guess.... as if he wasn't potential trouble enough, due to his weapon alone.

also...still no sign of Danae....or Yuuji for that matter.... spreading myself to thin at times I guess.

oh well.....what is they say...fight on?

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
11:53 am
quiet days, now adays it would seem.

the whole invistigation of Danaes' disappearance have pretty much made a turn for the wierder, when it's been reported that a highly skilled marksman bearing her name and appeareance have been sigthed, but there have been no news apart from that.... I guess I would have to personally seek her out and see what I can figure out.

when I get time....there's been another report comming in about a pawn-like machinery appearing by the coal-mine, which again was stopped by another machine......must likely it's related to Swarchbald technology.

on a related note to that, I was visiting Alaylle some days ago, and ordered a batch of the Telekin that her father had invented, and got one my self, with the number 1000.....looks like an old one she quikly fixed up for me. Alylle is pretty much her old self, full of life an energy, but for some reason she had to quikly run, after getting contacted.......I'm not sure what happened, but I have a feeling that I'll have to keep an eye on her going and doing.

what else....oh...a few days before my visit with Alaylle, I was visiting Lou yang talkign with a few friends, when suddenly, a young child ran up and asked where her parents where, and Kitten, a local priestess said that I was her father.....caught me abit off-guard, so I figured..what the hack and played the joke back, telling the child that her mother is right here, and pointed at Kitten and hilarity ensured..
It was actually quiet nice though......this little play-pretend family.
reminded me of the time in Amatsu, where me and Alexiel Storm would help out the owner of the sushi-bar by working as waiter.....to not be the meddler for a short time.

I better finish now though...supposed to meet with the Hen'you soon

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Thursday, August 18th, 2005
12:03 pm
well...sure have been.....interesting so far.

where to start....well..A body washed ashore in Payon, a young knightress named Eirias....seemed like a pretty straight forward thing, find out if there's any unusual circumstances, find the murder if there is, bring the murder to justice.

It wasn't so this time....turned out that Eirias's a friend of Danae, which immidiatly spurned her to find out what happened on her own....one of my informant told me that she found an unusual pice of metal on Eirias body, but lacking any convinient piece nearby, I had to order them to try to extract a sample from Eirias body it self, when it was kept in the mortary in preperation for the funeral.... I just hope she doesn't mind.

Danae was left alone to do her own invistigation, as I had some men trying to keep an eye on her......but then, they lost sight of her, and when I followed up on thier trail, I ended up at a dead end, at a place where there was clearly sight of battle, but no sight of any body, burial or a body being carried off.....she might had fallen into the river, but then her body should had been washed ahore further off.

only explination, is the report of an archer who looks like her with extraordinary strenght and skills...but that's uncomfirmed so far.

What have been comfirmed though, is that who ever Danae found is still at large, and judging from several reports, then I'm dealing with an extraordinary warrior mage, or a plane-traveller.

as if that's not enough it felt together with an unusual Drake captain, launching attacks on rune-midgard with his own personal army that he had dubbed the red coats....luckely, that as a more straight forward problem, that was dealt with swiftly.

I wonder of the news have been broken to Yuuji yet.

Either case, I can't linger on this, some week afterward a small team, considering of Pastel, a Crusader named Esmiel together with a guide by the name Skye Laurque entered the clock tower, and from them I reiceved an old magic scroll, which detailed that the beings named Elder originally was an old order of mages who went through some kind of ritual, possible tied to the humanoid owls too.

so after gathering enough information, I putted together a group, last week, whihc consisted of Sir Robin, Lliana, a priestess i waas recommended, Varia, an retriever I had met every once in a while, and a Hen'you hired through her organisation.
They where sent down to the fouth level of the clock tower where there should be a library to gather information. during that, I kept in touch with them, and ended up asking them to retrieve any intact writing from the back of the clock, make a detailed map and capturing a live owl baron.

currently the speciement is held captured in a secure room in the tower, but little new knowlegde have been gained from it.

invistigation of a powerfull energy dischange in glast hiem have been proven fruitless too so far, only thing that have been established is that it wasn't a local source.

on ligther note....I went visiting Terri in Prontera in between everything, and it looks like she's safe and sheltered from trouble now adays, so we had a pretty nice talk instead.

also, the guild have been slowly growing, and the report from Curros who I sent to Sylvestra have been positive so far.

hopefully all this will allow me with the time needed to focus on the issue of who ever it was that Danae fought.

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
1:24 pm
((ooc: looks like i'm stuck for one week more over here *sweatdrops*))
1:22 pm
Busy days lately as usual...first and foremust, all the exams for the students in the guild is now over, which hopefulyl should give me more time for everything else.

First, there's the invistigation of the incident in a lab in Juno. Appearently, the Vezrejai had been set-up, though by who and for what reason is still a mystery. Don't know if they wanted to dis-credit the guild, or are using the guild to hide what ever they have done.

on an better note, I managed to find time to see Pastels finishing her qualification to apply for a high priestess position, was a pretty nice gathering, and even managed to make some new aquitances.
I should probaly start lieing the ground-work now, for when she actually becomes one.

More things happened in Juno too, I somehow managed to run into Izramora, together with a young girl who looked abit like her. I had barely managed to talk with her, wen suddenly an Assasin appeared and attacked her.....spells flashed, knife and pets got thrown and it then turns out that it was Gaffer, who was putting up an act to fool somebody.

Something which I realised after getting paralysed by a dart thrown by him.....good thing he managed to dodge the hatching peco-peco egg I threw after him..

The guards brougth me in for questioning, though they did kept a safe distance after recognising me.

I visited Izramoras mansion afterward, and got caught abit offguard when a maid opened the door and invited me in, looks like she really made some changes.....inside I was first greeted by Gaffer, who was more wounded then he would admit, and there after Izramora.
we spoke a little then suddenly Izramora sensed that somebody was gone, appearently the girl who was with her earlier, and it sounded like it might be safe if I tagged along....just in case.

followed Gaffer who did the trailing, and suddenly I stood in front of the young girl who was talking with Mataku
Mataku seemed serius wounded and just barely suppressing his animal instinct and from what I could piece together his and Gaffer wounds came from a fight between the two...and....of all the people, Oksana....
got no idea what was happening at that point, so I simple focused on what I could.....calming down Mataku which didn't go to well.
he probaly felt cornered or something by everybody who had arrived and when I got too close he pulled somekind of illusion on me.....which I would rather not dwell on too much right now.

Appearently the young girl is Izramoras and Gaffers child, and shortly after Mataku used the illusion on me, she somehow teleported both him and herself back to the mansion.

on my way back, I got a message telling me that somebody requested my precense.

Oksana had walked of at this point, back to her clinic....I hadn't had time to figure more, but figuring more is definately what I'll be doing....... I should probaly hold back with questioning her too much though.....don't know how she'll take being told that I buried her last year.

some days afterward the alchemists I had sponsored, finally found a way to make a common drug safer and less enticing to take in large dosis......not sure yet if I can make varius dealer buy it though, still calculating on the numbers to figure out if I can use higher income as a bargaining chip.

some days passed by without much happening, though I did started to lay the groundwork for when Pastel becomes a high priestess, I still need to approach her about it though before I arrange too much.

I Also had a nice evening with Sake some days ago, when I went to Lou yang to visit her and also giver her, her pay.
Looks like she really wasn't expecting that.....anyway, after some talking, I decided to buy some local tea and since Sake had never tried it before, I invited her for a cup of tea on the Landscape Pillar that Seryna had showed me on Sir robins birthday.

the view was as overwhelming as the first time, though I fear I embarrased Seryna abit...my hands in hers, something that could be seen as an indirect......kiss and the hearts that bobbled up from the tea didn't made things alot better.
no idea how she did by the way, but instead of steam, hearts rised from the tea after it had turned into a red colour, and the tea changed taste depending on who drank from it.....took a small sample for analyzing....if the effect could be reproduced, then during valentine,this could financially help out the guild greatly.
But it was generally an enjoyable time and afterward we headed of to the kokoro beach. ((not sure if I remembered the name of the beach correctly))
originally it was for training in Seels, since she had had her fill of hunting Mi gaos only, but it quikly changed into a vertical firewall training session......she was discouraged at first, when she couldn't pull it of right in the beginning, but she kept trying despite it all, and she actually did pretty well untill the end.....a little more intense training, and I think she'll be able to do it consistingly.
Kairi also joined and helped out alot, don't know how much trouble me and Sake would had been in, if she hadn't tagged along.

a few days after, I finally managed to break up a group or atleast hinder is seriusly, that wanted to overthrow king Tristran, but destroying or stealing thier papirs, records and resources, making it hard for them to organize, due to the secretive nture of the group...luckely neither Karinka, nor Xinel was affliviated with the group any longer by the time I did it.
now I just have to hinder those who want to rebuild the group and try to convince them to find something else to do with thier time.

On other note, words have reached me that Ryu Kisargi have decided to retire........something which he really have deserved by now, with all he have been through..... guess I should put him as a low-priority to contact in case I need outside help.

Now adays I'm caught up in papirwork though, have alot to sort out and investigate.
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
2:55 pm

won't be in ro for must of this week, currently using the comp in my father production hall, and won't be home untill after my cousin who lives nearby where I am now, have held his 18 birthday this saturday.

probaly also not untill a few days later after that. just letting people know

and no, I can't download ro down to this comp, too old

anyway, rp update should come up soon....I hope..perhaps...maybe..eheh *Sweatdrops*))
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
1:09 pm
12:17 pm
Yesterday I was out training, when I managed to establish contac twith sake, I've been waiting a few days for a package from Corrus and turned out he had delievered it to her, so I decided to meet up with her in Alberta, there i somehow managed to run into an two old friends, Nalani and lucas and had a nice talkwith all of them (with lucas suggestiong that I should try pin cone tea), afterward i headed of to check the item that Curros had retrieved.

It looks like that it luckely hadn't been used, before Curros got ahold of it.

I've also heard some interesting news from Comodo, appearently a young red haired dancer have gathered a crew and set sail...with short red-hair..she might have returned from where ever she was. I better hire people to keep watch of every single harbour for when the ship return, can't let her slip away again like that.

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
1:26 pm
Well, the story-tellers gathering didn't went too bad, got a small comfy group, consisting of me, Sir Robin, Pastel and Sake appearing, and Later Captain Caryltis joined´. Kaira appeared too, but she had too leave.
When I arriwed Sir Robin decide to have some fun with me and Pastel, posing as a guard, though I started to get suspicious when he refused to show his papir and refered to obscure laws.
Turns out that Sir Robin are part-timing as city guards varius places.

We headed to a nice seclued place near the edge with benches, and then Sir Robin opened the gathering with a nice story about a sailor and a dog, during which time Caryltis appeared. Sake also adopted an rocker during the event, when a rocker egg opened up behind her and saw her first, thinking that she was it's mother. I think it's going to be in good hands
After Sir Robin, Pastel told a short tale about an acolyte....unfurtunately, we couldn't continue after that, due to a storm appearing ((server shut down))

I think I'll probaly arrange a date for continuing the stories.

Following day I visited the lab that Vezrejai students supposely had thrashed....I don't think I'll buy it at first sight though...the hint was allmust too neat, having a gem dropped like that. Took some note of the scale of damage and asked for adminstration to seal of the lab, untill further notice.

Regarding the students, then it looks like must of them are going to past this semester, so the guild won't have too many spending the summer studying......I got a feeling that the academic part of the guild are really starting to get on a roll.

Yesterday was nice....First, I managed to get ahold of a minor focus, which I could channelise arcane energy through, to simulate a healing spell and then ran of to test it. ((heal clip...finally, at base level 84, and after being playing for years I finally got one! *grins*))
Afterward I spent a day with a young hunter by the name Leigh and tried all kind of things, ranging from her trying to catch me (which she seems to be even better at then quiet a few hitmen that have been after me), to baking bread over a firewall and all kind of stuff inbetween.....we had a few close call where things got abit out of hand though and some....ackward moments....but a nice day none the less.....hack, that's an understatement, It felt more then simple nice.

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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
7:10 pm
2 days ago, I ran into an young red-haired sage, who turned out to be an emissary from Juno in the streets of Geffen, who was here to talk with me. She didn't figured that I was the guild leader of the Vezrejai though, when I talked with her and showed her the way to my office, before we entere and I sat down on the office chair.
She introduced her self as Terion Rostian Daine and was sent here to tell me that students of the Vezrejai was believed to have destroyed a lab in Juno somewhere between 3 and 7 days ago, though all they found was an powering gem of the kind used to charge up a golem, which lead to the suspicion falling on the Vezrejai, seeing how we got a golem making course....but when I enquired it turned out that there was no hard evidence, but I think I was abit too hard on her though, as I found out that this was her first assignment as envoj.
I offered that I'll look into it, and pay for all cost, if it turns out it really are somebody with the Vezrejai who have done it.

She said that Juno will leave the room as it is, before going, but I won't be able to get acces untill tomorrow earlist.

Hopefully it is just somebody from the Vezrejai and not somebody trying to frame us...if it is, then that's trouble that can't simple be solved by paying for the repairs.

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Saturday, May 21st, 2005
6:28 pm
6:26 pm
About time I wrote again, now that I got more time on my hand, due to...ah..Getting ahead of myself.

First, I attended Sir Robins birthday, which was held saturday, the 3.th this month.
It was a pretty nice calm gathering of friends, where I got a chance to run into the others and catch up. Sir Robins had a nice thought at the wedding, that it really was his mother that should be celebrated, since she was the one who gave birth to him and allowed him to experience this day in the first place.

which didn't stop people from congratulating him though, unfortunately, I thought I had gotten ahold of a gift to him, so I had to improvise something. Using some reagents form my bag, I tried to shape a hat that could help him figthing against waterbeast...but..I got distracted during it, when he said that he got a daugther just recently, so that hat ended up having the shape of a fish.

after some talking we headed of to Lou yang to visit the place, and everybody started to explore on thier own and during my own exploration I ran into Seryna who showed me an observation platue in Lou Yang with one hack of a view over the city.

Seryna said that she would had liked to share it with Leon, then asked me if there was anybody I wanted to share it with.....I think I got too lost in my thoughts when she asked, since a little later, she felt bad about asking me.

We headed down afterward to find the others, and ran into Leon on the way, who seemed rather upset....Sir Robin had appearently meant that we where all supposed to go visit the dungeon nearby and explore that as a group and was wondering where everybody had went.

Had to go at roughly around that time, to handle some work, so I don't know what happened afterward.

a few days after that...4 to be precise, the guild had a bigger trouble then usual going on in the tower, troubles actually...some experiementation with plant growth had lead to a colossal mandragora growing uncontrolable on one floor of the Main tower, with the side effect of smashing up one of the alchemy lab and mixing up several of the potions, material and focus....one of the puddle turned acid and started to melt it's way through the tower, the other....if meltdown could ever be applied to liqued, that it would be to that one.
It started to...well.....according with what people said, it expanded at first, changing colour gradually, then started to contract and emitted the humming noise that comes from some spells powering up.
So basicly....had a rapidly growing mandragora, one large pool of acid and one pool of...something, all lose at the same time in the tower.

the Acid was the must simple one to find a solution for....it was simple a matter of spreading a neutralising agent on the floors under it, but turned out more problematic then that, with the acid being so strong that the team I had assigned to do it, had to spread the neutralise several floors below it, while they tried to keep up with the speed that it would eat though the floor.

the Mandragora took some more finesses, the plan we came up with was basicly to block it path with firewall...said paths included solid walls that it could smash it ways through.
the teams eventually managed to put a perimeter of firewalls around it though and slowly tightned the circle around it afterward...luckely, it didn't seemed to think of going up or down.

now the puddle of alchemical fluid was more problematic, first and foremust, we had to keep the nearby body parts of the mandragora away after figthing our way toward it, there we found it out of our league, so we had to fight our way back and grap the guilds local alchemist, then fight our way back to the puddle, which was reacting left and right in lack of better word of descriping it.
after spending what felt like eternal minuts trying to figure how to make it stabile, we ended up deciding to put it into a stasis field....which was in a completly different part of the tower, so we had to blow a corridor through the tower all the way to the room with the field, and then blast the piece of the floor with the puddle on it, into the statis field, along the way, we had to use precise explosion with napalm beat to steer the floor-piece and make sure the puddle stayed on it.

so things worked out in the end, allthough we still hadn't found out what to do with the alchemic substance....this months collateral damage budget are going to be needing adjustment though.

Atleast the papirwork will be easier now though.

last week, Sake finished her training to become a sage, and during the occasioan, I gave her the hiring contracts to work for me as a secretary, the festivity was toned down by the appearance of a bitter hunter though, whicn amounth other thing I had to give cpr, try to calm down and reason with....but it seemed like Kairi could keep him calm atleast.

me and Sake decide to give them sometime for them self, so to celebrate I took her first to the flying Whale Inn, where we had a small talk and I explained her abit about the job...she seemed abit nerveus though, making a cup explode.....I got a feeling she'll fit right in.

took her to the edge of Juno afterward, and told her about places like Gon-ryun and Umbala, before I had to head off.

Allready her help have giving me alot of time to handle other things, guess I might have time to take her to gon-ryun earlier then expected with all the time I'm getting.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
8:14 pm
4 days ago I visited and stay by Ashs' burial place....and
well, also met alot of the others that day in Payon and found out all kind of different interesting things.
there was an Alchemist by the name Eldritch who told me his theory regarding the fall of Glast Hiem, and how they connect to alchemy and the reagents called Ravenloft gems.
He had also to a certaint degree succeded in creating a homuncolus and seemed interested in starting up a discussion with the priests present of where ever or not it's right or wrong.
It looks like he's somebody I'll have to keep an eye on. Especially since he seem to be abit of an invistigator too, from what I could gather when I met him earlier today.

Anyway, also met an acolyte, looking like Len apart from hair colour, and also having the same name and general attitude. His precense upsetted Caryltis for some reason....Caryltis didn't felt that the moment was good for explaining it to me, so I'll have to find him later. Can't help but be abit worried though, especially the way he refered to this len as "it".

It was pretty much just hanging out with the others though, apart from that, up untill the time I left, where Rei Kisargi appeared, which prettu much comfirmed that he had managed to defeat Liam. He also showed interest in Ladon, but I was allready on my way of by then.

the following days have been pretty normal...relatively speaking offcourse, with time mainly spent in the guild.
Earlier today I dropped by Payon again though, and met up with Leigh, and some of her friends..Sey, Lulu and Kei and spent time with them, eventually they had to run off, leaving me and Leigh, who I asked to show me around in Payon....must impressive was probaly the view.

I also ran into Eldritch again, who appearently had looked into Pastels past and according to his source, Pastels parents was a knight of some renown and her mother was equally important, both buried in the graveyard behind the church....Which means that either he, or myself have messed up, since our information doesn't match.
He couldn't stay long though, so I didn't had the chance to inquire further about his source.

Still...he's must definately one I have to watch, no idea how carefull he might be with what he finds out or how he'll use it.

Elmikie closed his journal, and pulled out Pastels old diary and stared at the cover.
And putted it back. "it's not important for others right now"

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Thursday, April 21st, 2005
1:18 am
Today I had my day off and decide to spend it by the tables outside Payons Inn, hoping to run into the others.

I ran into alot of the others. from Arc when I first arrived, to Rei Kisargi when I was about to leave and alot inbetween. It was a nice day to spend with friends...even if I did doze off into memories several times, with crasy talks, story telling, theology discussion, a bargain, a little work too despite it being my day off.....think I'll wait with detailing it for now though....I still have the reason I decided to take a day off.

Elmikie closed the journal and continued walking toward his destination, somewhere on Mt. Mjoilnor and stopped when he had reached a small isolated place.
He stood still and was silent for some time, with a bowed head like a person showing respect, then seemingly to nobody he spoke.

"Hi Ash! Back visiting you again, sorry about not dropping by the last handfull of months....but atleast today I managed to do it.
It's been 10 years now, neh?.....a whole ten.
well...let's see what I've experienced this year.....time travellers, gods messing around, dragons, a couple of battles.
demons, vampires, memory lost, ymir shards, school examination, new friends, lost contact with friends, some people who's supposed to be death but aren't, dealing with intrigue, sailing aboard a pirate ship, tea cup trying to gnaw of my face and so on
Well, pretty much what I can expect from a year I guess"

he chukled lightly and had a smale smile on his face....somehow, a year in review allways sounded somewhat amusingly rediculos and innocently silly when summed up like that.

"what else....I've had this young girl say she's in love with me....but.... well, I'll have to track her down in the first and find out where she disappeared too. The guild's doing well.....atleast the academy part, we're abit lacking in field members so I've been abit more agressively looking for members lately."

Pausing to reflect on what he had said, he sighed abit. Sometime he couldn't help feel that his priority was, to but it bluntly, screwed up. Those usually didn't last too long though.

"your parents and siblings are doing well, 2 of them even want to follow in the foot-step of "sis the hero" and are studying magic......don't worry, I'll keep an eye on them, while somebody else keep an eye on me.
as for myself....well, got my first real hangover in a long time this year...somewhere around the end of summer, but no idea how I got it...irritating trait with hangover you know. Been playing around abit on the political scene as a voting member of Geffens council. still can't keep myself from setting fire to myself or the occasionally miscasted spell, but atleast it hadn't killed me yet....so no, I don't think we'll be meeting face to face becaseu of that any time soon"

He started to think of the last line in the song that had been stuck in his mind lately "wait for me, you have gone much farther, too far" then he noticed that the shadows had grown long and the horison and the sun was about to meet. he didn't felt like walking all the way back.

"Say, Ash? Mind if I sleep over?
I could use some rest nearby you and don't worry, I won't do anything indecent"

he smiled with sad eyes, looking no-where in particulare and nodded


He pulled out a thick blancket from his bag and cuddled up on the ground with it over him and with a small encantation, he formed a small floating sphere of flame that gave a soft orange light. As he laid there, he couldn't find himself sleeping just yet.

"We had some great time, neh? I just wish I could share the ones that followed, with you in ways differently from this, but I'll be okay. You remember all the crasy things that happened while we were studying magic?...heheh...offcourse you do with your memory.
you should see how things are in the guild....somethings really don't change at all, no matter how much time passes.
Oi, Ash? want me to tell you a story like I usually do? I'll tell more about what I've experienced afterward...
Okay...It all started w....."

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
10:59 pm
a few weeks ago, I attended Serynas birthday!

been some time since I've had a chance to gather with everybody like that.
Everybody met in Amatsu, when the famed Sakura tree was blossoming. there I managed to run into all kind of itneresting people for the first time, Must of them priests and priestesses. After must had arrived, we started with giving gifts, from my side, Seryna recieved a munak hat.....a small inspiration for her to strive toward becomming a high priestess

Elmikie paused the writing, as if the last line had reminded him of something that he wanted to dwell on, then continued.

One of those who attended was Pastel, seemed like she really was worried that I might had been death...which reminded me that I still hadn't asked her about the reporting encounter she had with Vegi, but the party would be a bad place and time to ask about it, so I didn't bring it up. I had to leave shortly after that for a quik meeting, but managed to return while the party was still going on, with no sign of dieing out. All of us headed of to Amatsus' Sakura watching place, when the last guest, Ervalis, had arrived.

There Pastel asked me if I could tell a story, and I figured "why not?" was about to start too, but it just happened that Seryna allready have things planned, starting out with poetry reciting, where the theme would be spring. Was nice to hear what everybody came up with....even tried my own hand on it, with a small poem.
What touched me must though, was not a poem, but a song that a priestess by the name Arc performed.
the lyrics went like this.

"Shine bright morning light, now in the air the spring is comming.
Sweet blowing wind, singing down the hills and valleys.
Keep your eyes on me, now we're on the edge of hell.
dear my love, sweet morning light, wait for me you have gone much farther, too far."

I think it got me abit too lost in thoughts though, since Pastel offered my some candy almust immdiatly after. and I didn't really think more of the song after that.

Again he paused.....the song going through his head on repeat a few times, then he started up again.

I also had a rather poor attempt to living up the party a bit...I sended a bolt of fire up into the air, to do some firework, but almust after I had sent it up, I got distracted by the others who was worried about me casting spell.....which lead to me loosing track of the bolt as it went up into the sky.
Picked up some cake to everybody to replace that instead......probaly also alot safer.
Then suddenly, Seryna disappeared, and immidiatly afterward, a young alchemist appeared and gave us a riddle.
A game...Looks like Seryna really do have what it takes to do alot of good, in a high position within the church, hihg priestess or not.
Anyway, I decided to stay and keep an eye on things and keep those who didn't go, company.
which turned out to be a good idea, since Arc got herself drunk, Len woke up while the others where still gone, and Alaylla appeared and abit confused about where everybody had gone.
Had an.....interesting talk with Len, while looking after Arc. After some time, the others returned and Seryna gave gifts to everybody who attended....even to me, which she gave a few scrolls she had found, hadn't checked them yet though. I had to leave soon after that....but...it was a nice time.

Almust too sharp a contrast to what I left to attend to...co-ordinating the research on making certain kind of drugs less likely to cause overdosis....for now, this is the way that will save must.

on ligther note, I had a friend visiting the tower, by the name Leigh, who seems to be scared of magic though...and visiting the Vezrejai didn't leave a much betteer first impression, with a run-away golem crashing through the wall, followed by the students from the "golem construction" course. Seemed to enjoy the greenhouse/bio-dome in the tower though, so all in all, a pretty good day.
The rest of my days have mustly been busy with preperations for spring examination, meetings regarding things like the disbanding and distribution of the forces, of the Venereable Swords Chapter and some looking into Caryltis background. Still can't find my self opening the diary of Pastel, from before she grew younger and got her memory wiped though.

Today....must of my thoughts had been on tomorrow, but not so much that I couldn't hold my concentration during todays Council meeting in Geffen.....The importancy of the gesture that Prontera gave, when it sent a contigent of peco-rider to reinforce Geffens forces showed, when the isolation politic was voted down by a large majority despite the attack.
The meeting went pretty well generally, got a few policies suggested that doesn't sound quite right, that I have to look through for loop-holes though.

Elmikie closed the Journal and headed out of his office, to the one next door and entered
"Hi, Julius. Just want to let you know, that tomorrow, I won't be avaliable unless something big comes"
"I know Elm....I'll keep people from bothering when you go visiting"
"Thanks...Good night Julius"
He closed the door and went back to his room..."better get some rest for tomorrow"

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