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Daily days of a crasy mage

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"so ya wanna know about Elm, eh? don't know what ya want with a damn trouble seeking mage like him, now if he was a young lad, I could understand, but damn guy is 27 year old, too old to go running around the way he does. Allways meddling and snooping where he shouldn't be and have been doing that for as long as I can remember. He'll be attracting demons or worse to Geffen one day, I tell ya. offcourse, him staying put isn't much better, the way the vezrejai, that's the guild he's leading, acts, Blowing up stuff and doing gods know what. Though, To be fair, he does have his merits, occasionally his snooping around give us some leads to follow and the students from Vez, do tend to be less "migthier then thou" types, though also alot more crasy.
Let me give you an advice about Him, if it's information yar seeking, then he's the one who knows a little about everything, but dont stay near too long, if you don't want to be burnt...literrally."
Romel, city watch in Geffen.